Posted: 1 month ago

Multifunctional Complex Being Built in Shindisi

A multifunctional complex is being built in Shindisi, which will cover restaurant complex, pub, large-scale banquet hall, and government ceremonial reception hall.

Deluxe Tim Georgia is working on constructions, the client of the project is the director of the organization Eka Tsintsadze.

According to JSC Deluxe Tim Georgia, the restaurant complex allows large-scale banquets and weddings, as well as to receive government delegations.

The project uses expensive coatings and the object is bounded on three sides by mountains.

The area of the project land plot is 5000 sq.m., the area of development is 1225 sq.m., and the total area is 3359.8 sq.m. The construction volume of the project is 14168.45 cubic meters, and the structural height of the building is 22.24 m.