Posted: 1 week ago

More than 96 Thousand Tourists Entered Georgia in May

According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, in May 2021, compared to May 2020, the number of tourists entering Georgia increased by 264% (67,000 tourists).

In May 2021, 96,502 tourists arrived. The number of visitors, which includes tourists, transit and other categories, increased by 180% in May, bringing the total to 109,359 visitors.

Compared to 2019, the number of tourists and visitors is still significantly reduced. In May 2021, 85% fewer visitors and 77% fewer tourists arrived than in May 2019.

In five months, compared to January-May 2020, the number of tourists decreased by 65% and the number of visitors by 77%.

In May, the number of visitors increased the most from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.