Posted: 3 weeks ago

Mestia Villas Opened Cottages in Svaneti

A new hotel Mestia was opened in Mestia, which combines three cottages. It can accommodate 15 guests. As its founder Mariam Ildani says, all rooms are reserved until January 10.

According to her, due to the high demand, it is planned to expand and arrange an open swimming pool in the future.

"It's been two weeks since our hotel opened, until now we had a guesthouse, and the high demand made us decide to create an additional, independent space, we put a lot of energy into it, we did it with all our heart and soul, and we think it will be quite successful.

We have our restaurant near the cottages, which has been operating for several years and prepares traditional Georgian dishes. If the guest wants a meal, we either serve it in the restaurant or, upon request, we can take the order and deliver the meal to the cottage," said Mariam Ildani at

As for the challenges, the founder of Mestia Villas tells that the biggest problem in Mestia is finding staff.

"The biggest challenge in the construction process was to find staff and constructors, there is generally a shortage of workers and people with similar professions in Mestia, and this delayed the opening process. We were supposed to open it in July and we opened it in December," says Mariam Ildani.

For information, the cost of a night's stay in the Mestia Villas cottage is 350 GEL, and the investment needed to create the hotel was 300,000 GEL, part of which was a bank loan, and the other part was the personal investment of the founders.