Posted: 1 year ago

Melaanian Vintage Guest House- Best Green Tourism Business Nomination Winner Opens Doors

Kakheti eco-tourism complex "Melaanian Vintage - Guest House" hosted the first vacationers in September. As Teo Taboridze, the founder of the complex, told, so far they have hosted only local visitors, and since March they are booked by international visitors.

"As soon as the complex appeared on the market, it was in the center of attention. We were not ready as an accommodation facility and we were already receiving requests from both individual and travel companies. We have already received guests in early September''says the founder. 

"Melaanian Vintage - Guest House" had a very successful year, the family hotel won the "Best Green Tourism Business" nomination in the competition organized by "CENN".

"Melaanian Vintage - Guest House is an ecotourism facility and, of course, we reflect the green principles in the service. Our business attaches great importance to strengthening the local community, producing products made from natural forest and, most importantly, we try not to harm nature, which is the reason for winning the nomination. This result is an incentive to take more care of the environment, locals and create interesting green tourism products"says Teo Taboridze.

The family complex built on eco-principles offers guests accommodation, meals, tasting-masterclasses and tours. The founder of Melaanian Vintage-Guest House implemented the project with zero investment, and then won the organization "Produce in Georgia" grant.