Posted: 5 years ago

Meet Georgia Presstour to be Held in Khevsureti and Khevi

The Presstour was organized by the National Tourism Administration, which was held at Khevsureti and Khevi. Nearly 30 representatives of different media already visited the guest houses and hotels, which are a part of the campaign "Spend Your Summer In Georgia".

The participants of the presstour have looked through the Camping Chirdili and visited Art Studio. They also participated in the local masterclasses of culinary and traditional handicraft.

Presstour participants have covered the 14 km section from the village Roshka to the lakes of Abudelauri. After this, they visited the municipality of Kazbegi and surveyed the mountain Juta. 

"Spend Your Summer In Georgia" is a public campaign, which aims at boosting the image of Georgia and attracting more visitors by showing the world the tourism potential of our country.