Posted: 2 months ago

Medea Janiashvili and Israeli Deputy Minister of Tourism Discuss Prospects for Increasing Tourism

Acting Head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia Medea Janiashvili met with the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Israel within the framework of the International Tourism Exhibition "IMTM 2022" in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Medea Janiashvili and Kobe Brada discussed the prospects of deepening cooperation between Georgia and Israel in the field of tourism. The meeting focused on specific tourism products that Georgia offers to the Israeli market and measures planned for the active positioning of the country.

"We had a very productive and interesting meeting, where we mainly introduced the tourism products that we offer to the Israeli market. As you know, Israel is a leading tourist market for Georgia and therefore we have discussed specific ways on how we can attract more tourists from Israel," Medea Janiashvili said.

"At the meeting, we talked about how to improve the record number of visitors, which was in 2019. Georgia is one of the leading tourist destinations in Israel, which attracts Israelis very much, they love Georgia. Israeli citizens like tourist adventures, Georgian dishes, and hospitality," said Kobe Brada.

Israel is an important tourist market for Georgia. Regular flights between the cities of Israel and Georgia are coming to an end, for years Israel has been included in the top ten of international visitors to Georgia.