Posted: 2 weeks ago

Maia Sidamonidze Initates Canceling Curfew for Tourists

Maia Sidamonidze, former head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration and the managing partner of Pro-Travel Georgia has the initiative to cancel the curfew for tourists.

According to Sidamonidze, the interest in bookings has increased since April, however, potential tourists name the "curfew as one of the important obstacles.

"Hotels are already receiving bookings, potential arrivals are contacting us. One of the obstacles that prevents them from making reservations is the "curfew". For example, in Turkey the "curfew" is removed for tourists, and tourist can move in the street during the "curfew". As I know there is a similar assumption in other countries. In fact, I think that the abolition of the "curfew" does not pose a threat to tourists in terms of epidemiology, "- said Maia Sidamonidze.

According to her, it is also noteworthy that there is no public transport during the "curfew". However, this issue is already on the agenda when we talk about the tourist who arrives at the airport, they will need to move. The flights are mainly fulfilled at night in Georgia.

"Many people probably ask what tourists should do in the street if nothing works, but during the communication with tourists it became clear that freedom of movement is still important for them. After lifting the restrictions, other prospects may emerge to boost the night economy, so that even the 'curfew' will not be completely lifted, but tourists will be able to spend money in the country even after certain hours," Sidamonidze said.

Sidamonidze also notes that she intends to voice this initiative with industry associations. She is sure that there will be support from them.

"This is an initiative that our epidemiologists should not have a problem with it. Because there is really a lot of interest in bookings. If this problem is solved, it will be easier for the industry to recover," he said.

As for the demand for reservations, according to Maia Sidamonidze, the interest comes mainly from those countries where flights are announced. These are the countries of the Persian Gulf, Israel and to a lesser extent, but Western European countries as well.

"A lot of people work remotely and they even consider coming to work in the countries like ours. However, freedom of movement is important to them. They must be able at least to walk”, - she added.