Posted: 4 months ago

Machakhela Protected Landscape to be Created in Adjara

At the joint sitting of the Parliamentary Agrarian Affairs and Regional Policy and Self-Government Committees, the legislative initiative of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara was discussed in the first reading.

According to the speaker, Davit Gabaidze, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, a new protected area - "Machakhela Protected Landscape" is being created by the draft law.

"Creating a Machakhela Protected Landscape will facilitate the protection, restoration and prudent use of the historically and biologically diverse areas in the Machakhela Gorge," said David Gabaidze, speaking on the main principles and provisions of the bill.

He said the adoption of the bill would help create the legal framework needed for the legal existence of the Machakhli protected landscape.

The new protected area will be managed by Khelvachauri Municipality. The project envisages the compilation of protocols on specific violations provided by the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia within the framework of the protected landscape management under the management of the mentioned municipality.

According to Davit Gabaidze, the creation of the Machakhela protected landscape will not lead to the restriction of economic activity in this area. In addition, the bill is in line with Georgia's commitments to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a member state since 2009. The draft law does not contradict the obligations related to Georgia's membership in other international organizations.