Posted: 4 weeks ago

Let's See Georgia – New Project for Domestic Tourism Promotion

"let's See Georgia” is a new project aiming to develop domestic tourism industry. The new project unites three companies – travel companies Voyage Tours Georgia, TBS and Autobus transport company.

"Objective of the project is to promote, develop and maintain tourism industry in post-COVID period, create interest tourism products tailored to citizens of Georgia and offer affordable prices.

The project aims to attract tourists to hotels and employ as many fired citizens as possible.

This joint project of these three companies is a noncommercial project and it aims to make domestic tourism one of the basic supports for Georgian tourism industry”.

The project offers cultural, adventure tours, holidaymakings opportunities at fashionable hotels of Georgia, short- one-day or several-day tours, with integrated recreational and educational components.

"Activities with interesting topics will be created for domestic customers that will amplify pleasant feelings from tours and expose Georgia’s beauty ins different ways”.

#LetsseeGeorgia provides maximal support to interesting persons operating in various fields (photographs, chefs, writers, winemakers and so on), who want to popularize their activities. Any idea and innovative product fitting tourism industry interests will be integrated into the project.