Posted: 4 years ago

Legend Tskaltubo Spa Resort Offers Novelties to Guests from 2021

Large Spa, Georgian wine tasting yard, master classes on Churchkhela dipping, and Khinkali wrapping - these and other news offered to the Legend Tskaltubo Spa Resort to tourists from the spring of 2021. 

According to him, the addition of new services was planned for the end of spring this year, but COVID-19 changed their plans.

"We are beneficiaries of the program -" Produce in Georgia "and with its co-financing, we are in the process of expanding the hotel.

It is planned to add 10 rooms and a new infrastructure. In the near future, a large spa will be opened, as well as a Georgian wine tasting yard, where we will serve both our guests and foreign tourists, in the direction of Prometheus and Sataplia caves.

There will be masterclasses on how to dip Churchkhela and wrap Khinkali. We planned all this for this season or for May, but the pandemic has shifted our plans and we are expecting demand from next year. Although Tskaltubo is a 4 season resort, activities start in the spring, so we will probably present and launch it from March," said Andro Jishkariani at

The director of the hotel believes that the tourism indicators in Georgia before the pandemic may return sooner than expected due to the effective fight against the virus.

"We believe that the return od the indicator in tourism, which was before the pandemic, may take 1 to 1.5 years, but it is possible that we will recover sooner than in other countries, as we have been able to fight it effectively," founder of legend Tskaltubo Spa Resort said.