Posted: 4 years ago

Kolkheti National Park to Acquire Major Eco-Tourism Infrastructure

As part of the Anaklia Economic Development Program (ACED), Agency of Protected Areas, Zugdidi City Hall and USAID-funded project “Growth” signed a trilateral memorandum on understanding with the aim to develop eco-tourism in Kolkheti National Park.

The project calls for developing the Churia entrance of Kolkheti National Park through establishing services and arranging due infrastructure. Creating additional eco-tourism attraction and growth in tourist inflows will foster the project implementation.

Under the memorandum, the Kolkheti National Park development concept will be prepared. The administration will be equipped with all necessary equipment. Fishing tourism will be developed, camping space and cottages will be arranged.

A new berth will be built and towers for supervision over birds will be arranged. Coastline will be cleaned. Activities determined by the memorandum will end in December 2020.

Kolkheti National park is a protected area with much humidity and biodiversity. In 2019 the Park’s Kolkhetian Woodland was named for obtaining UNESCO world heritage status.

Anaklia Economic Development Program (ACED) is a joint initiative by Anaklia Development Consortium and USAID project GROWTH. The initiative calls for economic development of Anaklia and neighboring villages. The project calls for promoting micro, small and medium business sectors in the region, as well as seaports, preparing and supplying qualified workforce to the region and developing the domestic infrastructure.