Posted: 3 years ago

Kazbegi to Have New Recreational Space - Elia Park

A new recreational space "Elia Park" is being arranged in Stepantsminda commissioned by Kazbegi Municipality.

The recreational  space is designed by the architectural company "Spectrum";  the area of 15,590 sq.m  will be  rehabilitated and turned into a  multifunctional space.

About 25 meters high metal belvedere will be located at the highest point of the place of the park which will br both ideological and functional.

The structure, which façade is lined with metal panels, is surrounded by a ramp with a small slope, which allows park visitors to climb to the top of the belvedere and enjoy the spectacular, panoramic views of Kazbegi. At the top of the building there will be  an ethnic restaurant for 90 guests. The belvedere with its restaurant, terrace and unforgettable panoramic views of Kazbegi, will be one of the main attractions of the region for both locals and tourists.

Commersant was told at the Spectrum company that the construction budget of the project is not yet specified  and will be  developed  as soon as the project is completed.

"The design of the project  is planned to be completed  by  the end of August, after which the Kazbegi municipality will announce a construction tender, ” they explain in the company.

Elia Park will function  in all seasons. The types of buildings, construction materials and details are chosen given  the harsh climatic conditions of the Kazbegi region.