Photo/ Mariam Besiashvili

Posted: 4 years ago

June Records 18% Upturn in Tourist Inflows

In January-June 2019 a total of 2 127 142 visitors arrived in Georgia, up 193 368 visitors compared to the same period of 2018. The year on year growth made up 10%.

The number of international tourists in January-June 2019 made up 3 862 444 persons, up 8.4% year on year.

As to June 2019, the number of tourism visits made up 471 979, up 71 990 visits year on year (+18%).

The number of international tourists in June constituted 873 966 persons, up 20.2% year on year.

According to the statistics, positive tendencies are maintained in relation to EU countries too, including Austria with 71% growth, Germany with 67.7% growth, UK with 34.9% upturn, Latvia with 30.2% growth and Netherlands with 25.7% upturn.

Particular growth was registered from the following countries: Saudi Arabia with 127.7% growth, Jordan with 91.4% growth, Kazakhstan with 78.4% upturn, China with 52.9% rise, Korea with 48% growth, Turkey with 45.8% growth and so on.

At the same time, the most number of international visits was recorded from Russia (up 30.8%), Turkey (up 45.8%), Azerbaijan (up 8.8%) and Armenia (up 9.7%).

According to early reports, in January-May 2019, Georgia’s incomes from international visits made up 1.1 billion USD, up 101 million USD year on year.

In May 2019 revenues from international visits made up 281 million USD, up 35 million USD year on year.

The tourism sector’s ratio in GDP constituted 7.1%/.