Posted: 3 years ago

Itsik Moshe - 200 thousand Tourists Visit Georgia from Israel


This year about  200 thousand tourists will come from  Israel creating  $ 200 million in revenue to Georgia’s budget, - the founder and chair of Israeli House says.

" We share national interests in the field of tourism. On July 1st we will meet the representatives of the Council of Europe in Barcelona who work in Europe to develop the Jewish cultural heritage route in Georgia. We moved three International Forums to Georgia and next year we plan to dedicate one of the business forums to the issue of tourism industry development.

We believe that there is a successful cooperation between Georgia, Israel and WorldJewry in the tourism industry. This year about  200 thousand Israeli tourists will come to Georgia creating  $ 200 million in revenue to the Georgian budget and we believe that due to  the bilateral work with the Council of Europe in this field, we will be able to keep annual growth at 50% next year, "Itsik Moshe says.