Posted: 2 months ago

Infrastructures and Social Projects in Value of 968.5 Million Planned in Georgian Highlands

Measures defined in the Action Plan for the Development of Highlands in 2021-2023 were discussed by the National Council at its meeting today. It was held and led by Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Government Administration.

The Action Plan envisages 968.5 MLN GEL to be spent on projects for the upgrade of infrastructure and social support of highlanders in Georgia during the coming 3 years. The volume exceeds the earmarking in the similar period of the last year by 29%.

The Head of Government of Georgia was briefed about the Performance Report for 2021 on the social security allocations in line with the Law of Georgia on the Development of Highlands in Georgia. Also, Performance Reports were presented on the projects and programs financed from the Highlander Development Fund in 2021. Key speakers were Ministers of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) and Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA). It was noted that almost 3 MLN GEL were spent from the Fund on the implementation of projects towards the development of agriculture in the country. Within the scope of the referred initiative, processing industry, agro-industrial cooperatives and new orchards were financed during the reporting period.

Highlander status is granted to 1801 settlements, which is about 49% of communities in the high terrain regions of the country. According to the April data, almost 262 000 individuals and 497 enterprises are enjoying the status of highlanders. Support to highlanders in the past 6 years has amounted almost 1.16 BLN GEL, out of which almost 402.7 MLN GEL were spent on concessions promulgated in the law and envisaging supplements, pensions, social allowances, salaries and wages for doctors, nurses, teachers, sports coaches and many other directions. Also, utility bills for power energy are co-financed in the amount of 50%. It was thereby noted that almost 96.5 MLN GEL were spent on social allowances in 2021, which exceeds the previous year (2020) indicator by 19%.

Council reviewed the Draft Resolution on the Allocation of Resources from the Earmarking Envisaged for the Highlander Development Fund in 2022. According to the plan, 20 MLN GEL are allocated for the respective infrastructure and agriculture projects in 2022, while almost 5 MLN GEL will be allocated for the implementation of such agriculture projects in highlands, as Agro Insurance, Plant Your Future, processing and storage facilities.