Posted: 3 years ago

Improving Customer Service Skills among Direction of Adjara Tourism Development

Nature, culture, traditions, distinguished culinary - these are the characteristics that Tinatin Zoidze, the head of the Department of Tourism and Resorts, cited as the reasons for the growing interest of tourists towards Adjara.

At the same time, on the program "Business Morning" she talked about future plans and outlined three main directions, which will be focused on tourism development in Adjara.

The first direction, is promoting the region and the country, attracting more tourists, second - developing tourist products, and the third - improving the level of service.

"The service program budget has increased by 100%. The program covers more than 10 events. This includes both pieces of training and workshops, exciting field practices and foreign language courses. We have trained 1100 people, the number is going to increase significantly in 2020.

This year we are going to train those basic staff Leaders who will make it easier for people involved in the tourism sector to acquire the qualifications and skills they need to operate, "Tinatin Zoidze explained.