Posted: 8 months ago

Illuminating the Night: Martvili Canyon and Okatse Waterfall Set to Offer Evening Tours with 3D Lighting

Tourists and nature enthusiasts will soon have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Martvili Canyon and Okatse waterfall even after the sun sets, thanks to the introduction of advanced 3D lighting systems.

The Agency of Protected Areas shared with "Business Partner" that the state-funded project, totaling 4,000,000 GEL, is nearing completion. This endeavor marks the first time in Georgia that 3D lighting systems will be installed in such a setting, enhancing the visual beauty of the Martvili Canyon and Okatse (Kinchkha) waterfall.

The addition of this innovative lighting technology will not only bring a new perspective to these renowned protected areas but also allow extended visiting hours into the night. This is expected to significantly increase the volume of visitors, including those seeking overnight stays.

The agency predicts that the increase in visitor numbers will yield positive effects for the local community and the wider region. Boosting income for local residents and improving the general socio-economic situation are among the key expected benefits.

As the project nears its final stage, anticipation is high for the nocturnal unveiling of Georgia's breathtaking landscapes under the mystique and charm of 3D illumination. This initiative promises to create a new and exciting tourism experience that will further highlight the natural splendor of the country.