Posted: 2 weeks ago

I Will Be the First with My Staff to Get Vaccinated - Tekuna Gachechiladze

An owner of a restaurant chain and a well-known chef, Tekuna Gachechiladze declares, that starting the vaccination process in the tourism sector is remarkable. 

"I will be the first with my staff to get vaccinated.", noted Tekuna Gachechiladze.

"We will not be able to exist on terms of these regulations. If we do not close completely before vaccination, then it may have a good effect. However, I'm afraid, restaurants will not be able to survive. Especially, due to the 2 weeks of vacation. This regulation increased our costs. Apart from this, if we will not be able to work on weekends, operating restaurants will lose its meaning.
If the vaccination will be available in September, I doubt any restaurant will be able to survive. They do not have resources anymore because of these regulations.", declared Tekuna Gachechiladze.
Currently, the agency of the Ministry of Economy works on compiling the lists for vaccinating employees in the tourism sector.
"Tourism industry will be the prioritized group in the process of vaccination. It is vitally important for us, to revive this field as soon as possible. We also need marketing support, so that the world could know that our tourism industry is COVID-secure. This can be achieved with the fast vaccinating process. Due to this, we will work with different associations, to compile the list of employees working in restaurants, hotels, travel agencies. The companies which will have the most of the staff vaccinated, will be considered as COVID-secure. We will promote them on all international platforms.", noted the minister of economy, Natia Turnava.
As for Tekuna Gachechiladze's restaurant chain, it includes three restaurants including Cafe Littera, Culinarium-Khasheria, Taqueria Teko's Tacos, and Culinarium Cooking School.