Posted: 4 years ago

How Visits by International Travelers Changed in Georgia

In February 2020, the visits by international travelers declined by 3,126 ones year on year. In February 2019, the figure made up 469,545, while in February 2020, the figure constituted 466,409. Coronavirus is named as the key factor for the declining number of visits.

Visits by international travelers and non-tourism visits were recorded from Europe, the USA, Eastern Asia, Africa and Middle East.

The reporting period recorded 2,359 less international visitors. The figure was 389,218 in the same period of 2019, while this year the figure made up 386,859 ones. As for non-tourism visits, the figure made up 80,327 in 2019 and 79,550 in 2020.

Despite the general indicator is lower, international visits from some countries are growing anyway.