Posted: 4 years ago

How to Attract American Tourists

Expert of tourism and representative of Green Team Global, Hugh Hou declares in the Interview with BMG, that the American people do not really know, what kind of country is Georgia and how much tourism potential it unites. 

"You have the most beautiful nature, historical monuments, culture, and traditions, which are interesting for tourists. Now, you have to wrap all of these, sell effectively and introduce them to tourists. I understand, that the budget you have, is not the scale of Australia, Vietnam. That's why the main mission is to get an appropriate result of the existed budget. I came here for this reason. Let's spread your voice to the world. If Americans would know the stories of rich history, culture, mountains and local traditions of Georgia, they would definitely come. They love them especially and seek them everywhere. Georgia is the ideal destination for them.", noted American expert.

As he says, to increase the number of American tourists in Georgia, direct flights must be added. But the most important thing is to spread the reasons why should they come.

"Traveling catches the attention of the Baby Boomers Generation. They are already rich, have their own houses, cars and the only thing, that they are interested in, is traveling. For this reason, we need to spread marketing messages. Their traveling in Georgia has its economic benefits for the country since they are high-spenders. Millennials also travel a lot, who, generally, choose adventure tours. The main detail is, that they always have phones with them, which means that they always publish every detail of their traveling in social network. It is the biggest advertisement of this country."