Posted: 5 years ago

Hotelstars Union will Evaluate Georgian Hotels with Stars from September

Hotelstars Union is the system which classifies hotels with common criteria in Europe. Its criteria and procedures are checked regularly and developed further according to the expectations of the guests.

As a founder of the Georgian Hotel, Restaurants and Cafe Federation, Keti Meladze declares, this process will strengthen the interest of average and high-income tourists, the country will be more prestigious and above-mentioned factors will have an influence on the quality of tourism streams.

"Germany and Switzerland will evaluate Georgian hotels since they have enormous experience in this field. It is also worth mentioning, that this system, which includes estimating with stars, will increase trust in Europian tourists.", Keti Meladze noted.

Also, she stated, that founders of hotels will pay classification money for only one-time.

As Meladze explains, it is also already defined the membership fee of the federation, which is individually ascertained with the criteria of the scale of hotel. Federation membership is mandatory because of monitoring and preserving of granted stars.

The stars of hotels will appear as in the hotel itself, also in the system of check-ins, for instance, and TripAdvisor.