Posted: 2 months ago

Hospitality Business of Kazbegi Tries to Survive the Crisis

Restrictions on the new Coronavirus have been eased. Especially the tourist regions are trying to be fully prepared for both local and foreign visitors. Kazbegi is one of the regions where infrastructure works have been renewed, and hotels and cottages are ready to open in accordance with all the rules.

Aleksandre Dzagashvili declared on this matter with Commersant and noted, that the pandemic has damaged the tourist regions, however, Kazbegi is ready to host the visitors. 

"The tourist season is coming, judging by the example of previous years, we had a lot of visitors in the spring, and the pandemic has changed everything. Infrastructure works have been suspended, although today they have been renewed and active work is underway, we have lost two months, the deadline for completion of all projects has been extended. A large part of Kazbegi is employed in the tourism sector and their finances have been affected by the virus. However, we are ready, the region continues to function and we are waiting for the tourists.", declared Dzagashvili.

The mayor of Kazbegi also discussed the matters of the plan developed by the state and noted that their plan will help to re-launch tourism.

"The government's anti-crisis plan will help the region and sector to overcome this difficult period we've been for 2 months. We have worked intensively and are still working in quarantine spaces near Gudauri, so we know all the details of how to act in the post-pandemic circumstances. We will be able to host our guests and create a safe environment for them.", noted Aleksandre Dzagashvili.

According to Dzagashvili, no change in the pricing policy in the region will be observed at this stage, however, the situation will be much different during the visit of foreign tourists, which will be regulated by the market.

Ani Alibegashvili, the owner of Hotel Step inn in Kazbegi, is also waiting for the tourist season. She noted that prices will be affordable for both local and foreign tourists in the post-pandemic period.

"Kazbegi is an active tourist destination and we are still waiting for the season to open. The pricing policy will be available to both local and foreign tourists. At this stage, various types of hotels and cottages are being built in proportion to the demand in the region. Also, the constructions that are being carried out with foreign direct investment have been renewed.", declared Alibegashvili.

According to her, the situation in the country today is such that the population is focused on having a vacation at very low costs.

"People are preparing for the summer without spending extra money. Their position is quite clear. At this stage, traveling is no longer a priority for the unemployed and self-employed and they try to meet the summer easily. Not only for the population but also for the Georgian business, the main task today is to save and retain employees. I am also trying to save my business, which I started to expand, however, the completion date has been postponed until April 2021 due to Coronavirus. In my case, everything coincided, there was a pandemic, the depreciation of the lari, and the rise in prices, which completely changed my building plans, ” said Ani Alibegashvili.