Posted: 3 years ago

Hill Inn - New Hotel of Glamping Concept in Mountainous Adjara

A new location for camping was opened in May 2020, in the village of Dandalo in Mountainous Adjara, and it is already quite popular among local tourists.

As one of the founders of the tourist facility Maia Verdzadze told BM.GE, she and a friend had the idea of opening a similar tourist facility for a long time, but it was implemented only through an EU-supported program.

"My friend and I implemented this project within the framework of the ENPARD ridge development program. We had the idea to implement a similar project before, but we were able to implement it through the EU program. Last year we started looking for land in Keda and the very first land, which was the settlement of my partner's grandfather, where we decided to operate a tourist facility "Hill Inn", - said one of the authors of the project.

According to her, the initial cost of the project was 45,000 GEL.

"The initial cost of the project was 45,000 GEL, then additional ideas came in the process of implementation and, consequently, this increased the financial costs, and finally we were satisfied with the result. Our participation in the initial project was 14,000 GEL, but due to the increased costs, a full investment of 85,000 GEL was made to arrange a tourist location, ”said the founder of Hill Inn.

Maia Verdzadze says that the 2-room hotel, which employs 6 people, was ready to receive guests in May, but the pandemic made it possible to receive guests only after the launch of the hotel sector.

"We wanted to create a place where people would go to rest and understand what it means to escape from the routine of the city, to have full comfort and at the same time will be able to enjoy the views there and the service we offer to our guests. We think the goal has been achieved because the feedback from all visitors is positive. We rejected the idea of ​​expanding our business based on the concept of Hill Inn. If we had 20 constructions in this place, then this place would not be as cozy and quiet as it is now. We are focused on the maximum quality and not on the quantity of rooms, "- said the co-founder of the camping.

The head of the tourist location says that the demand from the tourists is quite high and the reservations are accepted until September. According to her, nature lovers can get all kinds of comforts and pleasures here.

"The demand is very high. We have fully booked camps in August and with that we have three times more bookings in case someone cancels the booking we put in.

Accommodation costs from 200 to 240 GEL, the price includes a room and a bathroom or Jacuzzi on the terrace, as well as additional services we have a sauna located in the woods, which is a common use and a hookah. We do not have food to prevent the spread of the virus at this stage, although the rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary utensils. At the same time, we have recently launched a sauna, which is located in the forest, which can be used by our vacationers,"- explained the co-founder of Hill Inn.

She said that during the implementation of the project they had to solve a number of challenges and some of them are still unresolved.

"One of the main problems we had and still have during the implementation of the project is the water problem. We also had a road problem, which the Keda Municipality government is helping us to solve.

The villages of Keda municipality and specifically the village of Dandalo have a bigger problem than the road, it is a water problem because the reservoir is 3 km away. We hope that the local government will help us here as well, ”said Maia Verdzadze.