Posted: 2 months ago

High-Class Hotel Villa Godoly Opens in Kakheti Next Year

In Kakheti, the opening date of the ''Villa Godoly'' hotel has been postponed until 2023. The opening of one of the highest-class hotels was first announced in 2021, and then in 2022, however, the pandemic interrupted the progress of the project.

Giorgi Kochladze, the owner of the project and the head of the "Vila Godoli" company, announced to "Business Partner" that a 55-room hotel is currently under construction in the village of Ruispiri, Telavi district.

Vineyards are planted on 3 ha of the territory. Kochladze states that the main works have already been completed.

According to his information, the implementation of the project is planned in two stages. In particular, the company "Villa Godoly" is building high-class villas in the same area. Its construction will be the second stage of the project. According to Giorgi Kochladze, the construction of 25 high-end villas will start in 2023. The construction of the complex will be completed in 2024.

About 20 million dollars will be invested in the project. Of this, 15 million GEL is the cost of building the hotel.

"Spectrum" company worked on the design and facade of the hotel. A modern interpretation of the ethnic style is used. The materials have been selected to be characteristic of the region, both historical and modern, in particular, the tower is faced with cobblestone, and vertical and horizontal brick inserts are used as details.

As Kochladze states, in response to the question, the entry of an international operator into the hotel is not considered.

The company implements the project within the framework of the "Host in Georgia" program. "Villa Godoly" acquired 7.5 hectares of land from the state in 2019, and the construction of the hotel began at the end of 2019.