Posted: 4 months ago

Hatsvali Resort to have a Development Regulation Plan by the End of the Year

Hatsvali resort will have a development regulation plan by the end of this year. The initial version of the document has already been prepared and consulting with the landowners is a next step.

As the mayor of Mestia, Kapitol Zhorzholiani, told "Business Partner", the work process is currently underway.

"We are also working on a document for the arrangement of Mestia. We want the involvement of the population to be at its maximum. We will start public discussions in the near future. We are in the mountains and we need to consider everything to make sure this place looks like a resort and natural.  Once the public hearings are over, we will send the document to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure for remarks," Zhorzholiani said.

According to him, Mestia Municipality is in no hurry to adopt a plan to regulate the development, so as not to make any kind of mistake at an accelerated pace.

"We want to take into account the interests of all parties so that we do not end up with a 'spoiled' resort," Zhorzholiani said.