Posted: 2 months ago

Grant Agreements Signed between Agency for Protected Areas and Caucasus Fund for Nature (CNF)

The agreements were signed by Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture Yuri Nozadze, Executive Director of the Caucasus Wildlife Fund (CNF) Tobias Muenchmeyer, and Chairman of the Agency for Protected Areas Davit Iosebashvili.

The Agency of Protected Areas has been cooperating closely with the Caucasus Nature Fund for many years. We are pleased to have signed this important grant this year, which aims to increase the motivation of our employees and improve working conditions.

Under the grant agreements, all employees of the territorial administration included in the system of protected areas will receive a salary supplement for the next year. The cooperation also provides life and health insurance to all employees of all administrative units of the Agency and improves working conditions.

"The grant we provide to the Agency for Protected Areas serves to motivate and support rangers in their unique day-to-day nature conservation activities. We are glad that we are also contributing to increasing their motivation. In addition, we are working to create a system of rewards and bonuses for the rangers, which, based on their work, we believe will further value their work, "- said Tobias Muenchmeyer, Executive Director of the Caucasus Wildlife Fund (CNF).

The Caucasus Wildlife Fund (CNF) has been cooperating with the Agency for Protected Areas for many years and contributes greatly to the development of protected area infrastructure, as well as to raising and motivating staff.