Posted: 1 month ago

Government to Institute Tourism Business Registry

The Tourism Business Registry will be launched in Georgia. All tourism facilities must be registered on the platform.

The initiative was introduced in the tourism industry regulatory bill. Under the document, the guide's business still remains unregulated. Together with representatives of the public and private sectors, donor organizations will also participate in the document development process.

“The document focuses on several directions covering tourists’ life and health aspects, as well as highly-risky services, where it is recommended that the Government provide supervision and regulation. The bill incentivizes the private sector’s engagement in developing the tourism policy. We have decided to not to launch legal regulation of guides, at this stage. We will promote programs for upgrading qualifications of guides”, Nino Chokheli, head of the USAID economic management program noted. The current law on Tourism Business was adopted in 1997 and currently, the document mismatches the existing realities. The tourism industry representatives agreed that the document should be amended. The Parliament will discuss the bill in spring 2022.