Posted: 4 years ago

Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden Ready to Receive Visitors

Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden is ready to receive visitors, - the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara reports.

Goderdzi Alpine Garden is located in Ajara, Khulo Municipality, on the Southern slope of Ajara Trialeti mountain range, in the environs of “Shkernali” territory of Goderdzi Resort. It occupies up to 10-hectare area, on Northern-Eastern exposition and is located at the height of 1960 meters from the sea level.

Tenths of years ago a large part of the territory was covered with sub-alpine forest. Goderdzi Alpine Garden territory is distinguished with a diversity of habitats, being represented by forest, meadow, wetland and stony eco-tophy.

Plant collection of Goderdzi Alpine Garden is rather diverse, being basically represented by aborigine species. Currently, there are six types of woody and up to hundred grassy plants.

The Botanical Garden is one of the most interesting tourist destinations for travelers on the Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi tourist route and Green Lake, as well as for the resorts of Goderdzi and Beshumi.