Posted: 5 years ago

Glass Bridge and Tourism Infrastructure in Dashbash Canyon – Project Valued at 40 million USD

A glass bridge of 240 meter long and tourism infrastructure will be arranged over the Dashbash canyon in Tsalka. Investment value of the project is 40 million USD. The project will be implemented by Jewish company Kass Land.

Hanoh Kassim, founder of Kass Land told BM.Ge that Glass Bridge is one of the unique components of the project, which will be built over the canyon and a bar will be arranged in the center of this bridge, 200 meter above the ground.

More than 15 million USD will be spent on the glass bridge construction. The facility will open in 2020. Besides the bridge, the project also combines a hotel, several swimming pools and territory for music festival. Zipline will be also installed on the complex territory.

“This bridge will draw the interest of the whole world. It will open in July 2020. A hung bar will be arranged in the center of the bridge. We expect more than 2 million tourists to visit this bridge in Tsalka District. There is unique nature in Tsalka and even for Georgian citizens it remains as an unemployed space”, Hanoh Kass noted.

More than 40 million USD will be invested in the Dashbash Canyon project implementation for the next 3-4 years.