Posted: 3 months ago

Ghorjomi Gorge in Adjara Develops Equastrian Tourism

In the Ghorjomi gorge, infrastructure for the development of equestrian tourism is planned.

An environmentally friendly open manege, a closed stable, an amphitheater, an administrative center, and circular riding pathways are all part of the plan.

Both amateurs and professionals will be able to ride a horse in the open manege, which spans one hectare. In the summer, the Adjara Tourism Department's Tourism Product Development Agency will begin arranging equestrian infrastructure in the gorge. 

The Ghorjomi Gorge offers a lot of potential for equestrian tourism development. According to available information, practically every family in Ghorjomi now owns a horse, with a total number of 150 horses.

The valley offers a distinctive environment and challenging transitional hiking routes, making it excellent for equestrian riding and taking in the scenery. The Ghorjomi Gorge is around 12 kilometers from Khulo's center. It is distinguished by ancient traditions and authenticity that has been preserved. Many wooden odes made in the classic fashion can still be found in the valley. The wooden mosque and waterfalls in the village's center are among the village's tourism attractions.