Posted: 11 months ago

German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck Declares Europe's Anticipation for Georgia

At the opening ceremony of ITB Berlin, the world's largest tourism exhibition, Robert Habeck, the German Vice-Chancellor, highlighted Georgia's tourism potential and its goal of advancing towards Europe.

Robert Habeck declared that “Georgia wants to advance towards Europe and Europe is awaiting Georgia.”

He also drew parallels between the 2008 August War in Georgia and the current conflict in Ukraine, stating that what happened in Georgia in 2008 was a sign of Russian leader Putin's tyrannical rule.

Georgia is the official host country of ITB Berlin 2023, and more than 80 Georgian tourism and hospitality businesses are participating in the exhibition with the theme "Boundless Hospitality."

With over 200,000 visitors from 180 countries, ITB Berlin provides a significant platform for Georgia to showcase its tourism potential and attract more visitors to the country.