Posted: 4 months ago

Georgia's National Tourism Administration Anticipates $4.5 Billion in Tourism Revenues for 2024

The National Tourism Administration of Georgia has shared its projections for the tourism sector in 2024, setting ambitious targets for the upcoming year. The agency forecasts a total of 6.8 million passengers, with tourism revenues expected to reach $4.5 billion. Additionally, it anticipates 7.9 million international travelers and 5.2 million international tourist visits.

A comprehensive presentation detailing the 2023 tourism outcomes and the strategic plans for 2024 is scheduled for today. The coming year is poised to be significant for Georgia's tourism industry, with the country set to celebrate World Tourism Day and serve as the host nation for the M&I Forum. Other notable events include the Youth World Snowboard Championship and the Freeride World Tour, alongside stages of the World Cup.

2024 will also see the development of mountain resorts, with plans to extend the ski tracks on Hatsvali mountain by 6 km and in Gudauri by 3 km. The installation of artificial snowmaking systems and the opening of new outpatient clinics in Bakuriani and Gudauri are also on the agenda, underscoring Georgia's commitment to enhancing its winter sports facilities and healthcare infrastructure to support growing tourist numbers.