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Georgian Platform for Booking Glamping Hotels - Pompok

Pompok is a booking platform that connects nature lovers with homeowners. More precisely, it is a space where information about glamping places will be gathered and easily filtered.

As you know, glamping is a word that originated in our century and means glamorous camping - a place where nature and comfort meet.
As for Pompok, its authors are sisters, Natia and Khatia Svanadze:
We are very different from each other. Natia is a financier and a lover of a stable environment, while Khatia is a constant innovator and seeker of experience. Khatia has over 13 years of experience in the tourism industry, working in various positions at various hotels, while Natia has been an audience member for EY, a leading company in the Big Four for 12 years. We have a small family hotel in Racha, which we run with our family. Both of us have a hobby - traveling, wandering in nature and discovering interesting places.
M: Tell us, why did you decide to found Pompok?

We love wandering in nature and adventures. Since my student days, we always try to travel to Georgia with friends and discover new places. Over time, we realized that in addition to relaxing in nature, elements of comfort also became important. We were looking for a place where we would be in nature and relax in a comfortable environment, but the process was not easy. Information about such places, of course, is on the Internet, but very scattered. We wasted a lot of time searching for different types of accommodation, had to read comments on Facebook and search for unique listings between standard type apartments on booking sites. It turned out that there is no space - a platform where all these places are gathered and glamping accommodation is filtered according to different criteria.

M: Is there a demand for glamping hotels in Georgia and how do you imagine your role in the process of promoting tourism in this field?

We have an ambition to be Airbnb to book unique places. There are companies that have found this niche and are successfully operating in the United States, but the European market, and especially Georgia, has not yet been explored. Relaxing in nature in comfortable conditions has long been a popular format for relaxation and recreation in the West. Demand is also growing in Georgia, especially during the pandemic, when most people are looking for a place to get out of a city close to nature.

M: That is, to explain what problem you are solving in the market and what is your approach?

Our business has 2 directions:

1.Gather all the unique types of housing already available on our platform and
2.Promote the development of glamping and the emergence of new hotels.

Also, our platform will allow vacationers, without extra time and effort, to find a different type of resting place in nature. In addition, we help owners make it easily accessible to their target audience and their hotels are not lost on thousands of listings on Arbnb or

Georgia with its unique nature and landscape is an ideal country for glamping. There is a lot of land in the villages that is not used. The villagers do not know how to turn this land into a source of income from tourism. We go with them and offer to set up a glamping facility suitable for their environment with our participation. For financing, we help both in relations with banks, as well as in finding a grant. What is also very important is that the host will place the new glamping exclusively on and we will help to find tourists.

M: Who is the Pompok team?

The team consists of 5 members: Khatia Svanadze - CEO, Natia Svanadze - CFO, we also have an advisor - Valeri Tkeshelashvili, who lives in Ukraine, has extensive experience in doing business and helps us develop our business. Anton Guz - is our IT developer and Vasil Shenchuk - who will take over the marketing.

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