Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian Aviation Sector Expects 450 Flights a Week in Summer Navigation Season

Mariam Kvrivishvili, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development met with about 60 representatives of the aviation sector and discussed the current challenges and ways to overcome them.

According to Deputy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili, the aviation sector of Georgia is one of the priority directions and other directions of the economy, especially the state of tourism, depend on its rapid recovery.

According to her, today a number of international airlines are interested in operating in Georgia and during the summer navigation season, there will be 400 to 450 flights a week, which will help bring international travelers to the country.

In addition, the shipping industry will be further strengthened and the availability and employment of more qualified personnel in the aviation sector will be promoted.

The Deputy Minister discussed in detail the challenges in the civil aviation sector and offered the business representatives to jointly work out ways to solve them.

The Aviation Committee meeting also discussed the removal of restrictions related to Covid-19. It was noted that the Ministry of Economy continues to hold field meetings with businesses and discuss ways to address the challenges created through dialogue with them.