Posted: 7 months ago

Georgian Airline to Expand Operations with Regional Flights from Tbilisi Airport

Georgian airline "Service Air" has announced its plans to launch international flights to neighboring countries from the summer season.

The airline, which operates domestic flights in Georgia under the Vanilla Sky brand, will add a new aircraft with 60-70 seats to its fleet to cater to the international market. However, the countries that the airline will operate in have not yet been revealed, and no details about the investment needed for this expansion have been shared.

The newly appointed executive director of the company, Igor Aptsiauri, revealed this plan during the "Course of Business" program. He also mentioned that the airline is looking to add new destinations for its domestic flights in the country.

This move by "Service Air" comes as part of the company's efforts to expand its operations and offer better connectivity to passengers within the region. With the new international flights, the airline aims to deepen its footprint and create new business opportunities.