Posted: 4 years ago

Georgia to be Winner of 2020 Emerging Destination Awards

A panel of travel bloggers has revealed the top 30 emerging destinations in the world for 2020.

Georgia is a top emerging destination for 2020 according to the list.

The awards were selected from nearly 100 nominations by tourism boards and governments around the world. Winners were decided after voting by 30 travel bloggers who collectively sport more than 12 million followers.

“Possibly the world’s greatest hidden travel gem, Georgia packs a shocking amount to do inside a compact country. The stunning Caucasus mountains give the Alps a run for their money, Tbilisi’s bohemian Old Town makes Prague’s seem positively pedestrian, and Georgia’s wine scene is currently enjoying a moment of global recognition (about time too, as wine was invented here).  Plus, Georgia is an extraordinarily affordable destination – where else can you enjoy a European-style vacation on a South East Asian vacation budget?” – the publication reads.