Posted: 4 years ago

Georgia on CNN - Tourism Administration Advertising Campaign


The National Tourism Administration has launched an advertising campaign on CNN, which will last until the end of the year and include summer, autumn-vintage, and winter season.

As they say, communication is aimed at the European and Middle East auditorium. While social events began to attract tourists due to the developments in the country, the decision taken several days before the American media outlets will be an additional opportunity to spread information about Georgia's tourism potential across the globe.

"The crew will visit with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the National Tourism Administration, and 5 image programmes will be prepared. Prepared reports will be united into 23 minute program, where CNN presenters will introduce tens of millions audience Georgia as a tourist attraction. Georgia's advertisement will shared to CNN's web site and social networks. "

Thematic website will be created about Georgia, within the campaign. Advertising banners will be placed on the web pages:,,, and Great Big Story.