Posted: 4 months ago

Georgia Eases Border Crossing Regulations from March 1

Border crossing regulations will be eased - said Giorgi Ghibradze, Chief of the Operational Staff at the Interagency Coordination Council.

"The council discussed the gradual easing of existing regulations, and the decision is as follows: From March 1, citizens of all countries that were previously restricted to only 67 countries will be able to enter the country if they have a PCR test. Foreigners can enter with two conditions, either they are vaccinated, either they show a negative PCR test result.

As for the citizens of Georgia, as you know, the citizens of Georgia also enter Georgia either on the basis of a test or vaccination status.If they fail to show one or another, they have to go through 8 days of self-isolation.

According to the decision, self-isolation is reduced to 5 days and when a citizen of Georgia enters the country, if he/she has a PCR test, the obligation to do PCR on the 3rd day is also released," said Giorgi Ghibradze.