Posted: 5 months ago

Fate of Winter Tourist Resorts is Uncertain this Year

The fate of this season opening at winter resorts is still unclear.

Even though, the government says that Lockdown is not planned and there will be only point restrictions, it is not clear whether it will cover winter resorts. The discussion, according to Natia Turnava, is still ongoing.

"We are not going to announce lockdown, we have to adapt and manage the growing number of infected people so that the economy and business are less affected, while at the same time supporting the recovery trend," the economy minister said.

Natia Turnava does not want to share anything in advance and says that the winter resort, like the summer resort, is a generator of great mobility and questions arise from an epidemiological point of view.

"In these conditions, the question of whether we will be able to fully operate the winter resorts is on the agenda," Turnava said.