Posted: 4 years ago

Family Vacation in Georgia: Where to Go

Everybody hears about Georgia recently, and many families are wondering if it’s possible to go there all together, or this is for adventure seekers and wine drinkers only? Our answer is: it’s for everyone, if you know where to go. That’s why we are here for you! The most convenient way to navigate you is to choose types of vacation and then pick the proper places for them all.


Batumi is the most popular seaside town in Georgia for those, who like entertainment and many people around. From infrastructural point of view it is better developed too and offers many opportunities both for nightlife and daytime entertainment.

Though, for those who travel with children and don’t want to hang out every night, there are good opportunities to spend a good time near Batumi. For example, resort towns of Kobuleti and Chakvi are located in 30 minutes drive from Batumi and also offer access to several sightseeing points like Petra Fortress, Botanical Garden at Green Cape and Mtirala Natural reserve.

From the other side of Batumi, closer to the Turkish border, there are another two little resorts, Gonio and Kvariati. Quiet area and clean sea, plus Gonio fortress and the road to the mountains nearby – anything else for a vacation with children?

There are also places which are famous for their black magnetic sands: Ureki and Grigoleti. If you want to improve your health or health of your children, especially if there are any issues with musculoskeletal, cardio or nervous system, it’s the place to go.

Mountains in summer

Georgia can not boast with big variety of fancy resorts, but it is still possible so stay in a hotel or a guest house at one of climatic resorts in the mountains. Western and Southern parts of Georgia are especially good for that. Bakhmaro is one of the highest of them: located at the altitude of around 2000 m above the sea level, it has a perfect climate for people who have respiratory problems. Bakhmaro and also Abastumani are simply good for children, because there is a lot of space, the air is magical, the food is fresh and in case of need there are also healing mineral springs. Even more of them are located around Bakuriani and Borjomi. The infrastructure is much better; Borjomi even has several really classy spa hotels.

There is another great resort in the mountains of Racha, the village Shovi. Not just amazing air and stunning nature, but also several mineral springs, which are rich with calcium and natrium, help improving the problems of digesting and nervous system.

Mountains in winter

We have already mentioned Bakuriani as one of the best places for summer recreation, but in winter it is turning to one of the best ski resorts in Georgia, which is very good for children and beginners. Ski schools, playgrounds for children and experienced staff will help you entertain your kids and have fun yourself.

Gudauri, for now the biggest ski resort of the country, has also several places where children can play and will be taken care of, while you are conquering the slopes or having rest in one of the bars or restaurants. Ski instructors and ski schools are also available, so smooth start in winter sports can be made here!

Urban sightseeing

If you want to see places and show your kids some historical places, we recommend you to stay in Telavi or Kvareli and explore the area around with a car or make a guided tour. The nature, old churches and fortresses are simply amazing in this area!

Kutaisi and surroundings are also a good place to stay for a day or two: you can see not just the little old town itself, but also go visit the UNESCO heritage sites (Gelati and Bagrati churches) and go visit the Jurassic park and a beautiful cave in Sataplia.

Near Borjomi there is Rabati fortress, which is super impressive itself, plus has a great museum – so if your kids are interested in history, just take them there!

Tbilisi is always very entertaining: it has not just the cultural places, but also amusement park, water parks, museums, parks and recreational zones near the lakes. So staying in the capital is also good, even if it is quite hot in summer.