Posted: 4 years ago

EU Recommends Lifting Travel Restrictions on 15 Countries from July 1 Including Georgia

EU member states have agreed to a list of 15 countries that will be allowed to enter the EU when external borders reopen, the list includes Georgia.

An EU diplomatic source confirmed to Euronews that the draft list of 15 countries on Monday has enough votes to pass and that an official announcement is expected later on Tuesday.

As Euronews reports, there are two lists, one for those that will be allowed to enter, and one for those who will not.

Euronews has obtained, from EU diplomatic sources, the final list of the countries for which Europe’s borders will be open, Brazil, the US, and Russia are not on the approved list.

According to Euronews full list of countries whose nationals will be allowed to enter Europe according to the draft, list is as follows: Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia, Canada, Uruguay, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Rwanda, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China (subject to confirmation of reciprocity).