Posted: 4 months ago

Enguri Dam to Offer Two New Tours to its Visitors

In November last year, the first tourist route was opened on the Enguri Dam. As Nikoloz Antidze, the director of Enguri Attraction Ltd, said at the time, the budget for the new tourist attraction was 100,000 GEL. was interested in how much interest the new attraction caused and mainly who visits it.

As Nikoloz Antidze tells us, up to 100 visitors have visited the facility since its opening. As fot him, the reason for the small number of visitors was partly winter and partly pandemic, as staff had to temporarily close the facility in late January due to a high rate of infection among staff.

According to him, more foreigners are interested in the Enguri dam than Georgian citizens. The administration of the dam is mainly connected with travel companies, which offer visitors from different countries to visit this facility.

As for the tours, according to Nikoloz Antidze, the administration has taken into account the recommendations and remarks of the guests who have arrived there so far, and two more, relatively cheap tours will be added to the 20-GEL, 2-hour tour from March.

"The interest is great. We receive tips, recommendations to make the tour more developed. We are now adding two more tours that will vary in price and time. New tours will probably be available from mid-March. One tour, which can be purchased for 10 GEL, includes entry to the dam (about half an hour), the second will be a walking tour on the dam balcony for extreme lovers - 5 GEL (duration about 1 hour). Of course, the 20 GEL long tour will still be available. Naturally, benefits apply to students, people with disabilities and adults under the age of 6," Antidze said.

In addition, according to the director of "Enguri Attraction", the design of the virtual space room has already been completed and its implementation is starting. The cost of the project is up to 250 thousand GEL and it will be financed from the budget of the Energy Development Fund.

"The project will start in March and will definitely open in early summer. The visitor will be able to virtually visit the side of the Enguri HPP, which is located in the Abkhazian region, with special effects, ”said Antidze.