Posted: 3 years ago

Economy Minister: Our Strict Guidelines are to Make Georgia One of the First Tourism Destinations to Open for Tourists

Together with the World Tourism Organization (WTO), we are doing our best in order to make Georgia a safe tourism market and one of the countries that will open for foreign tourists, thanks to exercising the very strict guidelines. Naturally, this goal is achievable only under strict control, Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava noted after her online meeting with the tourism industry representatives.

The meeting discussed all challenges in the industry. The pandemic has essentially damaged tourism field and therefore, this direction requires a special support, the Economy Minister noted.

“A few days into the crisis we have been assisting the tourism industry through various preferences and programs, but today these efforts do not suffice. Today, the tourism needs a certain period to become as profitable and attractive as it was before the crisis. At the same time, we have very optimistic forecasts that Georgia is able to become one of the few countries that will defeat the pandemic soon and open its borders”, Natia Turnava noted.

Until the tourism sector overcomes the crisis outcomes, it requires special care, the Economy Minster pointed out.

‘Today we are working on the tourism support program that includes counter-crisis measures and future stimulation instruments”, Natia Turnava noted and added that meetings with the tourism field representatives will be continued in the future too to resolve the field problems rapidly and efficiently.