Posted: 4 years ago

During the winter tourist season of 2019 there might be flights available to resort “Goderdzi”

The chairman of the Adjarian Government, Tornike Rijvadze notes, that they are making the negotiations with privately held companies about implementing small-sized aircraft and making flights both from Batumi as from other locations.

“The project envisages building small-scaled aerodrome, in which will be situated aircraft. Since there will be several hotels in the process of exploitation which we are waiting this year. This is not excluded to make several flights in the direction of “Goderdzi” resort weekly.”, head of Adjarian Government stated.

The Adjarian Government plan includes small-sized aerodromes. Currently, they are seeking investors.

“Our prime priority is to improve the resort. We are actively working on the development of Sport Tourism.  We have already announced the contest which is oriented on the research of Sport Tourism. Hence, we will receive concrete planning in this field. Each year tourists become more and more interested in mountainous Adjara. For us, every project is interesting and appealing, which aims to improve “Goderdzi” resort and it also includes already mentioned aerodrome. As you know, “Goderdzi” is the only resort in Georgia, which improves itself with regard to the local planning. In the document, the place of the helicopter is already determined. At this moment, we are engaged with the National Agency of State Property in the field of helicopter’s landing strip. We are ready to discuss every interesting business project which corresponds to this matter.”, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Adjara proclaims.

Last year on the winter season Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA), which is Legal Entity of Public Law under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, has permitted “Wucher Helikopter Gmbh”  to make flights on the seasons.