Posted: 4 years ago

Domestic Flights Resumed After 4-month Pause

According to Tamar Archuadze, head of United Airports of Georgia, the first flight will be launched from Natakhtari Airport to Mestia at 09:00 on July 24th, while Tbilisi-Batumi flight will be operated on the same day.

In total,6 Mestia-Natakhtari flights, 5 Tbilisi-Batumi, and 3 Ambrolauri-Natakhtari flights will be performed from July 24th to July 31st.

According to Tamar Archuadze, 2020 is declared the year of domestic tourism. Therefore, they are mainly focused on domestic flights.

300 tickets in different directions are already sold.

From August, the regular domestic flights in the direction of Mestia will be launched five times a week, while Ambrolauri flights will be performed three times a week and Tbilisi-Batumi flights - 4 times a week.