Posted: 3 years ago

Czech Republic, Israel, the Baltics - The Countries with which Georgia Plans to Open the Borders

The head of the National Tourism Agency, Mariam Kvrivishvili listed the countries, with which Georgia plans to renew air traffic.

According to her, Israel is likely to be one of the first countries in this regard, while the Baltic States and Czech Republic may be the countries with which Georgia will open borders among the EU member states.

"Negotiations on safe corridors are underway. Countries will be opened step by step. The main point of the negotiations is the epidemic situation in the country. Georgia is fully ready. Guidelines are published for tourist facilities and are being tested, airports are fully compliant with international standards. There will be a lot of security filters for staying competitive and safe. The negotiations with Israel are in an active phase. We have a positive attitude from the Baltic countries, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic said that Georgia will be among the few countries where the Czech Republic will initially open the traffic.", noted Mariam Kvrivishvili.