Posted: 1 week ago

Construction of Pitcher-Shaped Hotel 'Kvevrebi' Resumed

Due to the pandemic and the depreciated lari, the construction of the pitcher-shaped hotel complex, which was delayed, was resumed.

As Giorgi Kldiashvili, one of the authors of the project, told BusinessPressNews, at this stage, internal works are starting in the complex and they assume they will open in the fall. 

The construction of the hotel "Kvevrebi" in the village of Shalauri in Telavi started in February last year. The hotel complex will house a 17-room main building and a 20-pitcher cottage. Each pitcher will have the name of Georgian wine.

"The hotel was supposed to open at the end of last year, but the pandemic prevented us from getting a loan and we practically stopped for several months. Loan issues with the bank were to be addressed. After that, we actively started construction and increased the volume of the project. At the moment, it is planned to build 20 pitchers and the main wing of the hotel, which we have increased and there will be an additional 17 rooms, a restaurant, a bar and a conference hall. A vineyard has already been planted in a certain area. The hotel building, the pool, the spa complex have been completed and now the interior work will start and we are already thinking of opening it for the autumn season.

The hotel will have a total of 30 rooms, therefore we will be able to accommodate about 60 guests and will employ up to 20 people. Of course, everything depends on the pandemic and the opening of the borders, but we hope that we will have many guests, because the interest in the hotel is quite high, "- said Kldiashvili.

Along with the growth of the project, the volume of investment also increased. According to Giorgi Kldiashvili, if initially 3 million GEL was spent on the project, now this amount has increased by 1.5 million GEL. According to the author of the project, one of the reasons for this was the depreciation of the lari.

For reference, the hotel is being built on an area of 3 hectares. The view of the Caucasus can be seen from all its rooms, including the pitchers.