Posted: 2 months ago

Chef Dima Basilaia Serves Free Georgian Meals to Kyiv Citizens and Soldiers

There are many Georgians in Ukraine now - some went to fight after the start of the war, some - lived there before. Georgian volunteers are on the battlefield to help refugees along Ukraine's borders, in hospitals, and on humanitarian missions.

Former rugby player and now chef Dima Basilaia moved to Kyiv two years ago and opened a restaurant there. Since the beginning of the war, he has been providing free meals to Georgian soldiers and civilians. He did not leave Kyiv for a single day and worked even when the city was constantly bombed.

"We have to prepare dinner for up to 400 people a day. We also help the population with medicines, baby food, basic necessities. This is our war too. We have a common enemy," said Dima Basilaia.

Source: Euronews Georgia