Posted: 1 week ago

Café and Hothouse – Organic Farming Company SAMKURA to Develop Agro Tourism

SAMKURA plans to build a café and a hothouse on the territory of its farming in order to develop agro-tourism, where tourists will have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes of locally grown organic vegetables and relax in the pleasant environment.

As the company founder Nika Bagalishvili told Business Partner, the project implementation will start in autumn 2021.

“Our visitors will rest in the very interesting space. They will buy and taste locally picked and cooked vegetables. The 70-square meter café will operate on 2 floors and its second floor will entirely represent a glass veranda. At the same time, the company will arrange a hothouse on 1,000 square meters to grow cold-resistant plants that do not need heating effects. We plan to implement this project with our own financial resources and its investment value exceeds GEL 35,000”, Nika Bagalishvili said.

We remind you that SAMKURA is an organic farming company founded by Nika Bagalishvili in Tsnori 2 years ago. The company produces ecologically clean, healthy, and organic vegetables, including broccoli, potatoes. The farming covers 1.5 hectares. The vegetable-growing process proceeds in an absolutely natural environment without chemical supplements.