Posted: 4 years ago

Black Tomato – New Hostel in Kutaisi

A new hostel has opened in Kutaisi with a different appellation and concept. The new hostel is called as Black Tomato. It was launched by girls from Tbilisi. They plan to manage the facility from distance, without leaving their job places in Tbilisi.

The vintage-style hostel comprises 5 suites and its full workload enables to host 30 guests simultaneously. Jointly with suites, the hostel combines a library and space for table games. The hostel suites may be booked through and

“We wanted to develop a platform to host both young people and tourists and various events. We plan to hold various workshops. We plan to introduce interesting people to our young generation. This city comprises huge potential to attract as many tourists as possible – it is a certain heart of our country, located in the vicinity of the sea and highlands. A lot of people visit Kutaisi and then head for Mestia. New flights have simplified the whole process. Flights are performed from about 27 cities”, the Black Tomato founder Elene Zamtaradze noted.

The hostel founders noted that about 20 000 USD has been spent on arranging the hotel. The facility founders plan to expand the business and open a wine bar as part of the project.